June 2006
Atta Swamp, Hadera
Esther, queen of the swamp!
I adorned you with crowns
Of blossoms and thorns
Everything is a gift from me to you
It's all for you, beloved
What more can I ask?
May everything be
Not as it is

Esther, I am your slave

Esther, queen of the swamp
Feeds on weeds and sorrel
I'll give you signs
To put up in a museum
Why must you pasture
In foreign fields
While the orchard is rich?
Why should you there be seen?
Dine in the garden like a queen.
Why go to a swamp
Full of prickles, to pick
Sorrel from the mud?
My orchard is plentiful
And fragrant, you won't even sniff.
To end the monolog, alas
I wish it to be a dialog
But that's the way it is.
This is not the end
Only the beginning.

I fell for you
For a tin doll
For donkey ears
For camel teeth
I fell for you
Returning chorus
Remember: how I tuned you that tune?
You I love

Iwill love you forever

To breath you…
To smell…
To hold…
I shall love you so, Esther
What do you fear?

Without you I wish not live.

Why Black?
Because this is all I had.
I Love you so so much,

I love you, always
I will love you forever
Love you so much
You know not how much

If only you saw the zucchini
It's already bearing
Still small
When it grows, maybe you'll eat from it.

Love you


Instead of strolling with me
You go and work in the park.

The fruit of the ground
The fruit you love
The fruit of the Lord
Come,even with your bodyguard, and feast.
And everyone would be satisfied.

What do I need with fortunes
If you run from one to the other?
Half Arabic
Half Hebrew

I am not your foe, but your aficionado
And you hate me, so angry and furious.
I'm angry and furious too
But for love it matters not.
You take them down, and I put up new ones.
You like eggplants
So you said.
I think you know not
What you like.

Since you took not the purse and coat
I understand you want them not.
This coat I got you in the valley, remember?
You must think I see you not.
You are of course mistaken.
Casquette, plus sunglasses, around the corner
Saturday last.
I recognize you by your profile
Seeing as I know it.
Besides, you see all this matters not
Given that I love you so,
You know not how much, and it matters not
What your job is.

I love you, and you hate me just as much.
And that's a shame

I love you, and you hate me just as much.
And that's a shame

Shouldn't we start talking
Instead of pullingdown signs?
What say you?

I fathered the child
You sent to another world. Uri.

Dearest, Esther
I come not to spy on you
But to remind you
That I love you
And that no one is better
Than me for you


I have nothing and no one
If I have you not.
Yours, with love, Uri

I understand not
What you fear so.

We're perfect together, think of it.

I will love you without limits.

Will love you from now on.

Love you to the very end, Uri.

You, beloved
Have the blossoms
And me?
I have thorn bouquets, and nothing more.

No words can express my great love for you

I love you, Uri.

I cooked some sorrel today.

I only love you.
I only love you.

Esther, the whore from the riches

You've never tasted sorrel as good as mine.

You can't measure love.

I am agonizing for you.

I love you.
You are exceptional and so am I
That's why we're so good for each other.
Yours always, Uri.

No one has and no one will
love you as much as I do

Esther, without you I don't want to live
I love you, as always It frightens you…